Essential Oil Bottles
Essential Oil Bottles
Essential Oil Bottles
Essential Oil Bottles
Essential Oil Bottles
Essential Oil Bottles
Essential Oil Bottles
Essential Oil Bottles
Essential Oil Bottles

Frosted Matte Amber Glass Dropper Bottles Twist Spout 5ml Custom

Min. Order: 5000
Lead Time:
Quantity (pieces) Est. Time (days)
5000-10000 7
10000-50000 20
> 50000 To be negotiated
Sample: Free
Logo Available
Packaging Available
Graphic Available


Place of Origin: Anhui, China
Use: Cosmetics, Personal Care Product
Material: Glass
Logistics Mode: Express, Sea freight, Land freight, Air freight
Sea Port: Shanghai
Supply Ability: 150000 Piece/Pieces Per Month
Packing: Pallet or Carton Packaging
Size: 8X8X5 cm
Gross Weight: 1kg
Logo: Can be customized

Glass Empty Dropper Bottles

Quick Details:

  • Customizable colors: Choose your bottle color to match your decor or personal projects.
  • Custom logo service: Enhance your brand recognition or create a unique identity for a personal project.
  • Dropper cap design: Precisely control the dosage to avoid waste and make it easy to drop essential oils to the desired area.


These essential oil bottles are manufactured from high quality frosted glass to protect your essential oils from light and air,maintaining their original quality and freshness. These bottles come with a unique dropper cap that allows you to precisely control the amount of essential oil you use and avoid waste. The dropper design on the cap also makes it easy for you to drop essential oils exactly where you need them.


  • For essential oils, frosted glass bottles are perfect for protecting these concentrated liquids from light and air, maintaining their freshness and purity. Essential oils extracted from herbs have a variety of unique aromas and therapeutic effects. Frosted glass essential oil bottles ensure that the purity and aroma of these essential oils are maintained at their best.
  • For skin care essences, frosted glass bottles can protect these skin-friendly liquids from interference from the external environment, maintaining the activity and purity of their active ingredients. Skin care essences can improve skin quality and solve various skin problems. Frosted glass essential oil bottles can provide the best storage environment for these products.
  • In addition, frosted glass essential oil bottles can also be used to store massage and aromatherapy oils. Massage oils relax the body, relieve stress and improve circulation, while aromatherapy oils come in a variety of scents and therapeutic benefits. Frosted glass bottles ensure that these products maintain their purity and aroma, giving users the best experience.

In summary, frosted glass essential oil bottles are suitable for storing a variety of high-quality liquid products, including essential oils, skin care essences, massage oils, aromatherapy oils, herbal extracts, etc. Whether you are an individual user or a business user, our products can meet your needs. If you have any questions or require further information, please feel free to contact us.

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