Glass Candle Jar
Glass Candle Jar
Glass Candle Jar
Glass Candle Jar
Glass Candle Jar
Glass Candle Jar
Glass Candle Jar
Glass Candle Jar
Glass Candle Jar

Customized Luxury Frosted Empty Glass Candle Jars

Min. Order: 1000
Lead Time:
Quantity (pieces) Est. Time (days)
>=10000 15
Sample: Free
Logo Available
Packaging Available
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Place of Origin: Anhui, China
Use: Candlestick Holder
Material: Glass
Logistics Mode: Sea freight
Sea Port: Qingdao/Lianyungang
Supply Ability: 100000 PCS/Day
Packing: Pallet or Carton Packaging
Size: 8oz 16oz
Gross Weight: 0.5kg
logo: Can be customized

Customized Luxury Frosted Empty Glass Candle Jars

This customizable frosted glass candle jar is unique and perfectly combines the three characteristics of heat resistance, drop resistance and beauty. The high-quality heat-resistant glass is used to ensure that the candle burns stably and worry-free; the frosted design is both non-slip and drop-resistant, safe and durable; personalized customization makes each candle jar exude unique charm and become the highlight of home decoration.


1.Personalized customization:

  • Meet personalized needs: Consumers can choose to customize exclusive patterns, texts or colors according to their preferences, festive atmosphere or special occasions, making candle jars a unique work of art.
  • High emotional value: Customized products often carry special emotions or memories, which can bring deep resonance and warmth to people.

2.Frosted design:

  • Beautiful and fashionable: The frosted surface makes the glass jar present a soft luster, which looks noble and elegant, and perfectly blends with the modern home style.
  • Anti-fall and durable: The frosted treatment increases the friction of the glass surface, reduces the risk of slipping and falling, and makes the product safer and more durable.

3.High-quality heat-resistant glass:

  • High temperature resistance: High-quality heat-resistant glass can withstand high temperatures, ensuring that there will be no safety hazards during the burning process of candles, allowing users to use it with peace of mind.
  • Strong durability: Heat-resistant glass has better stability and durability, is not easy to break or deform, and extends the service life of the product.


1.Home decoration:

  • Bedroom: Place it on the bedside table or windowsill to add a touch of tranquility and comfort to your reading or resting time at night.
  • Bathroom: Place a customized frosted glass candle jar in the bathroom, which can be used as a decoration and you can enjoy the relaxation brought by candles while taking a bath.

2.Holiday celebrations:

  • Christmas: Customize frosted glass candle jars with Christmas themes, match them with Christmas trees, colored lights and other decorations to create a strong festive atmosphere.
  • Birthday party: Customize frosted glass candle jars according to the birthday star's preferences as birthday gifts or party decorations to add to the festive atmosphere of the birthday.

3.Special occasions:

  • Wedding: Customize frosted glass candle jars with the names of the newlyweds as wedding souvenirs or table decorations to leave beautiful memories.
  • Commemorative events: Customize frosted glass candle jars with special meanings as souvenirs or gifts, such as graduation ceremonies and company annual meetings, to express gratitude and blessings.

4.Gift giving:

  • Friends' gatherings: As party gifts, customize frosted glass candle jars with common memories or themes to deepen friendship.
  • Business gifts: Customize frosted glass candle jars for partners or customers as business gifts to show unique taste and corporate culture.

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