Glass Juice Bottle
Glass Juice Bottle
Glass Juice Bottle
Glass Juice Bottle
Glass Juice Bottle
Glass Juice Bottle
Glass Juice Bottle
Glass Juice Bottle
Glass Juice Bottle
Glass Juice Bottle
Glass Juice Bottle
Glass Juice Bottle
Glass Juice Bottle

Glass Juice Bottle Square Beverage Bottle With Cap

Min. Order: 5000
Lead Time:
Quantity (pieces) Est. Time (days)
5000 - 10000 7
10000 - 50000 20
> 50000 To be negotiated
Sample: Free
Logo Available
Packaging Available
Graphic Available


Place of Origin: Anhui, China
Use: Juice, Food
Material: Glass
Logistics Mode: Express, Sea freight, Land freight, Air freight
Sea Port: Xiamen
Supply Ability: 1200000 Piece/Pieces Per Month
Packing: Pallet or Carton Packaging
Size: 8X9X10 cm
Gross Weight: 1KG
Logo: Customer Request
Color: Transparent
Cap: Aluminum Lids or Metal Lids

Square Glass Juice Bottles

Our glass juice bottles come in a variety of sizes to suit different capacity needs. These sizes cover different needs from personal use to home or commercial use.

Multiple uses:

1. Decoration: With some creative DIY, empty glass juice bottles can be turned into beautiful decorations, such as a vase.

2. Storage container: The cleaned glass juice bottle can be used as a food storage container to store various dry goods, such as cereals, nuts, candies, etc., which is convenient and hygienic.

3. Beverage containers: Glass juice bottles can be used to hold other types of beverages, such as water, tea, carbonated drinks, etc.

4. Craft materials: Glass juice bottles are also a good source of craft materials. They can be cut and polished to make various handicrafts, such as bottle lamps, wind chimes, etc.

5. Planting container: Glass juice bottles can also be used as planting containers for small plants, especially suitable for growing hydroponic plants or as a greenhouse for succulent plants.

The benefits and advantages of glass juice bottles´╝Ü

1. Durability: Glass bottles are highly durable and less likely to break or crack compared to plastic containers, ensuring the longevity of the bottle and its contents.

2. Reusability: They are reusable and can be washed and used multiple times, which reduces waste and is environmentally friendly.

3. Preservation of Freshness: Glass does not interact with the juice, preserving its natural flavor and nutrients, unlike plastic bottles which can sometimes leach chemicals into the liquid.

4. Temperature Resistance: Glass bottles can withstand high temperatures, making them suitable for hot filling and pasteurization processes, ensuring better hygiene and longer shelf life.

5. Transparency: The transparent nature of glass allows consumers to see the color and clarity of the juice inside, which is an important indicator of its quality and freshness.

6. Safety: Glass is a non-toxic material, free from harmful substances like BPA (bisphenol A), which means it is safe for storing beverages intended for human consumption.

7. Elegant Aesthetics: Glass bottles have an elegant appearance that can enhance the overall presentation of the product, making it more appealing to customers.

8. Neutrality: It does not affect the pH level or the taste of the juice, ensuring the original taste is maintained.

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