Glass Oil Bottle
Glass Oil Bottle
Glass Oil Bottle
Glass Oil Bottle
Glass Oil Bottle
Glass Oil Bottle
Glass Oil Bottle
Glass Oil Bottle
Glass Oil Bottle
Glass Oil Bottle
Glass Oil Bottle
Glass Oil Bottle
Glass Oil Bottle

Glass Olive Oil Bottles with Cap Dark Green Round Shape

Min. Order: 5000
Lead Time:
Quantity (pieces) Est. Time (days)
5000 - 10000 7
10000 - 50000 20
> 50000 To be negotiated
Sample: Free
Logo Available
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Place of Origin: Anhui, China
Use: Oil
Material: Glass
Logistics Mode: Express, Sea freight, Land freight, Air freight
Sea Port: Qingdao
Supply Ability: 1200000 Piece/Pieces Per Month
Packing: Pallet or Carton Packaging
Size: 100ml, 250ml, 500ml, 750ml, 1000ml
Gross Weight: 0.5kg
Logo: Can be customized
Color: Amber, Clear and Dark Green

Glass Olive Oil Bottles

How to choose an olive oil bottle?

Due to the nature of olive oil,which easily reacts with metal,it is rare to see olive oil packaged in metal containers on the market. Because olive oil is easy to oxidize and is not resistant to high temperatures,the design requirements for olive oil bottles are preferably dark,and the caps are easy to open and have good sealing properties. Therefore,in the market,whether it is edible olive oil or skin care use. The packaging is usually glass bottles or plastic bottles,dark black in color,etc.

If you don’t want to use up your olive oil in a short period of time,you need to store it for a long time. Then it is best to choose dark bottle packaging when purchasing,or buy transparent bottles with packaging. If olive oil is stored in a cool and dark place (optimal storage temperature:5 to 15°C),the shelf life is usually 24 months.

The benefits and advantages of olive oil:

1. Helps reduce weight

If you're trying to lose weight, olive oil can help you achieve this goal because it contains healthy fats. In fact, diets containing these fats are much more effective than low-fat diets.

2. Prevent certain diseases

This green liquid helps prevent and reduce the risk of many diseases, including certain types of cancer. It may even prevent neurodegenerative diseases of the brain, such as Alzheimer's disease. Additionally,scientific research shows that the healthy fats in this food maintain your blood sugar levels and produce the insulin your body needs.

3. Protect your liver

Taking a tablespoon of olive oil on an empty stomach can strengthen the function of the liver. It also helps cleanse your body and prevent the development of fatty liver disease.

4. Prevent heart disease

Olive oil can significantly reduce the risk of heart disease,one of the most common causes of death each year. It reduces inflammation,improves the lining of blood vessels,and prevents unnecessary blood clotting,among other things.

5. Improve constipation

It is a natural home remedy that can be used to treat mild constipation. It helps regulate intestinal transit. In addition,consuming olive oil can eliminate intestinal inflammation and irritation,as well as improve intestinal absorption of nutrients.

6. Relieves joint conditions

Due to the properties it contains,olive oil has the ability to reduce joint and muscle pain.

7. Improves your skin health and appearance

This is a natural method that has been used for years to rejuvenate the skin. It's even one of the most used elements in many body creams. This is because olive oil contains anti-aging quality nutrients that can be used to fight dryness and damage to the skin.

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