2024 Canton Fair-IDEA Is Here!

23 April, 2024

In the bustling exhibition hall of the 135th Canton Fair, IDEA, who specializes in glass products, has become the focus of many buyers at home and abroad. Since April 15, 2024, this trade fair opened grandly in Guangzhou, Guangdong, gathering merchants and buyers from all over the world. The number of exhibitors reached an unprecedented 29,000, and IDEA, known for its innovative design and excellent quality,also participated.

[Exhibition time]: April 23, 2024 to April 27, 2024

[Exhibition location]: booth number: 14.2H27

Bright Future——The 135th Canton Fair Witnessed the Glory of IDEA

At the exhibition, IDEA successfully attracted the attention of many visitors with its exquisite craftsmanship and unique product charm. Of the three-term Canton Fair, IDEA participated in the second one (4.23-4.27). Our glass artworks and practical products produced using advanced manufacturing techniques demonstrate the infinite possibilities of the perfect fusion of traditional craftsmanship and modern technology.

As the largest trade fair in China, the Canton Fair not only provides IDEA with a platform to display products, but also a good opportunity for communication and learning. IDEA took advantage of this opportunity to showcase its latest research and development results - a series of environmentally friendly and energy-saving glass products. These products are not only beautiful and elegant, but also fully consider the concepts of environmental protection and energy saving in the material selection and manufacturing process.

In addition to product display, IDEA also arranged a series of business negotiations and technical exchange activities with the help of the international platform of the Canton Fair. Through in-depth communication with merchants from all over the world, our company has further understood the needs and trends of the international market, and also demonstrated its strength and professionalism in the glass products industry to the outside world.

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