An Interesting Display--Idea’s Candle Jar is So Beautiful?

26 April, 2024

In the blink of an eye,the second phase of the 2024 Canton Fair has arrived on its fourth day. At this exhibition,IDEA not only displayed its latest products and technologies,but also had an interesting story that made its booth the focus of attention.

The booth design of IDEA Glass is simple and unique. The well-proportioned glass artworks shine under the light,showing the beauty of smart craftsmanship. However,what is more attractive is the series of innovative products and vivid display methods brought by IDEA.

[Candle jars fun display]

A buyer from Africa showed great interest in our candle jars and hoped to have a live demonstration. First,our colleagues placed an exquisite glass candle jar on a special display stand,with a layer of fine sand underneath to create a warm and quiet atmosphere. They then carefully light a delicate candle and secure it in the center of the candle jar. Then,they invited the audience to gather around the booth and began to introduce the design inspiration and production process of this candle jar. During the introduction process,they cleverly used lights and angles to make the candlelight reflect colorful colors on the glass,making it as dreamy and charming as possible. In order to increase interactivity,the staff also invited several customers to try lighting candles themselves and observe the refraction effect of candlelight on the glass. Finally,the staff explained in detail the use and care of glass candle jars,emphasizing their safety and environmental protection.

During the entire demonstration process,the audience could not only appreciate the exquisite craftsmanship of IDEA candle jar products at close range,but also feel the charm and practicality of the product through personal experience.

Through such interesting demonstrations,IDEA successfully combined product display with interactive entertainment,bringing a visual and emotional enjoyment to visitors. This not only demonstrates IDEA's ultimate pursuit of products, but also reflects our deep understanding of customer experience.

In addition to interesting anecdotes, we also achieved fruitful results at this Canton Fair. We successfully signed cooperation agreements with several companies from different countries and received a large number of orders.

As the Canton Fair comes to an end, the story and achievements of Idea Bottle have become a hot topic in the industry. These stories not only demonstrate our corporate culture and innovative spirit, but also reflect our deep understanding and satisfaction of customer needs. Looking forward to the future, IDEA will continue to be committed to product and service innovation and provide more excellent glass solutions to customers around the world.

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