Five Famous Glass Manufacturers In China

17 May, 2024

Five Famous Glass Manufacturers In China

With the increasing concern of consumers for environmental protection and sustainable development,the market demand for glass jars as recyclable and reusable packaging materials will continue to grow. At the same time,technological innovation and process improvement will promote glass jar manufacturing to a more efficient and environmentally friendly direction to meet the diversified needs of the market.The following is a list of the six well-known glass manufacturers in China.

Taibo Group

Taibo Group is the first enterprise in China to mass-produce coated and Low-E glass. The company introduced the international advanced coating equipment Leybold in 1984,and began to produce single silver and double silver Low-E in 1993. At the same time,the production and sales of architectural glass and silver mirror are ranked first in China,known as "silver application experts",is the real leader of China's glass industry.

Fuyao Group

The total assets of Fuyao Group increased from 6.27 million yuan when it was registered in 1987 to more than 8 billion yuan. High-quality products, leading R & D center, perfect product line and huge production capacity, determine the strong market pioneering force of Fuyao products, printed with the "Fuyao" trademark of automotive glass in the dominant domestic automotive glass accessories, accessories market at the same time, but also successfully into the international automotive glass accessories, accessories market, in the competitive international market occupied a place.

Xinyi Glass

Xinyi Glass is a leading international manufacturer of quality float glass, with a total daily melting capacity of 11,900 tons of quality float glass production line. The environmental protection special glass products produced by the company are mainly used for deep processing of energy-saving glass, to meet the needs of automotive glass and LOW-E, hollow and other energy-saving engineering glass fields, and produce a variety of special color glass to meet the needs of different customers at home and abroad.


IDEA Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Hefei City, Anhui Province, China. It is a comprehensive enterprise integrating the packaging design, production and sales of glass bottles, glass jars, glassware and various types of bottle caps. IDEA has won widespread praise and trust from customers at home and abroad for its excellent quality, exquisite craftsmanship and comprehensive services.

Qibin Group:

Qibin Group: Zhuzhou Qibin Group Co., Ltd. was founded in 2005. Since entering the glass industry, Zhuzhou Qibin Group Co., Ltd. has vigorously introduced the world's top technology research and development expert team,purchased international advanced equipment,continuously optimized the process,innovated research and development technology,and expanded sales channels,and rapidly developed into a large glass industry group,which is one of the largest enterprises in China's original building pieces.

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