How to Remove Wine Labels from Wine Bottles

15 August, 2022

wine bottle lable

In our daily life,I wonder if you have noticed that it is difficult to remove the label from the top of the bottle.

Because most manufacturers use glue to stick the label tightly on the bottle.

When we want to reuse the bottle or collect the label on top of the wine bottle,we would like to remove the label very simply. So,how can we easily and simply remove labels from wine bottles?

Here we list the best 6 ways to remove wine labels from wine bottlesas follows:

1.   Makeup Remover

Makeup remover seems like an old answer to the question of how to remove wine labels;however,makeup remover is one of the most efficient ways to remove wine labels.All you need to do is

  • Use a hair dryer to heat the wine label on the bottle. The temperature of the hair dryer must be high enough to soften the adhesive nature of the glue behind the label. You can point the hair dryer towards the label until you feel the glue softening.
  • Once the glue softens,you can remove the label by wiping a cotton pad loaded with cleansing oil on the label. It may require a bit of force and may take some time,but eventually,the logo will come off.

2.   Alcohol Removal

Wine labels are easy to remove using alcohol. The method is quite simple. Just like the makeup remover method,the first step is to heat the label to soften the glue adhesive. Once the glue is softened,you can use a rag dipped in water. Dip this water-dipped rag in a small quantity of alcohol and then rub off the label with the rag—a simple and easy answer to how to remove wine labels.

3.   Debonding Removal

A debonding removal is probably the most straightforward removal technique. All you need to do in this technique is:

  • Buy a well-reputed,safe-to-use debonding agent from the market (You can read the reviews to judge the product if you’re shopping online).
  • Apply the agent to the wine labels and wait for two minutes before wiping off the wine labels with a rag. The debonding agents soften the adhesiveness of wine labels,and the labels lose grip to become removable quickly.

4.   Baking Soda

If you’re lazy and not interested in purchasing a peculiar item to get rid of the wine labels,then this method is for you. Baking soda is on the list of almost every home kitchen where cookies are made. Baking soda is also useful in other kitchen hacks. Similarly,baking soda plays its part in removing wine labels too!It is the best wine label remover method for fully filled wine bottles. A method that doesn’t affect the taste of the wine at all.

The instructions for this method are:

  • Use warm water and dip the bottle in it.
  • Add 6-12 tablespoons of baking soda to the water.
  • Wait for 30 minutes;the label would likely start floating on the surface of the water. If not,use a rag to wipe the label off.

The label may not come off using a rag,so you can use your nails or something sharp like a nail to initiate the removal.

5.   Ammonia

Another valuable method to answer the question of how to remove wine labels is by using an ammonia solution. The ammonia method would need to be performed in an open atmosphere as the odor produced by ammonia is quite unpleasing. The steps involved in this method are as follows:

  • Pour one-quarter of a cup of ammonia into a water-filled bucket.
  • Submerge the wine bottle in this mixture and let it be for half an hour or so.
  • Don’t forget to wear gloves and take a knife to target the label’s edge carefully. Once the label starts coming off,you can remove it quickly.
  • Once the label comes off,rinse the bottle with cold water to remove any residue.

6.   Water

One of the most recommended and easiest ways to remove wine labels is using water. Water is the only method on our list that doesn’t require additional effort,doesn’t force you to buy a synthetic product,and can be done easily at home. The water method is usually best to use on empty wine bottles. Once you have had all the taste of the wine,it is time to remove the label and make a memory out of it.

  • You need hot water,and you can get hot water from your tap or a kettle. If you opt to use a kettle,make sure that you first dip the bottle in warm water to avoid a crack in the glass that may occur due to a sudden temperature variation.
  • Fill up the wine bottle with hot water.
  • Wear a glove to avoid any burns due to the high temperature of the water. Also,try to peel off the logo with a rag or wool. This method is preferred since the label doesn’t get wet in this.


People may want to remove wine labels to make a postcard or to keep a mesmerizing collection of their joyful memories,or just because they may want to recycle the bottles. We have discussed the best six methods as answers to the question of how to remove wine labels,and we hope that you will easily be able to remove the wine labels at your home by following our instructions!Start making your wine labels collection,recycling bottles,and happy drinking!

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