Three Mysterious VIPs Make a Shocking Visit to IDEA – You Won not Believe What Happened Next!

30 April, 2024

Sincerely welcome

Recently,IDEA welcomed three distinguished guests from Burundi. In the spring season,this cross-border exchange event has brought new cooperation opportunities to our company. All employees expressed a warm welcome to the three customers,demonstrating the hospitality and professionalism of Idea Bottle.

Comprehensive tour

First of all,the staff led the customers to visit our company,allowing them to fully understand our company's corporate culture and business philosophy. The visit was filled with laughter. Then, the customers went deep into the model room and had a detailed understanding of  IDEA's products. They were amazed by the product quality and innovative design and showed strong interest.

Click here to view detailed product list.

Click here to view detailed product list.

Business negotiation

Subsequently,the two parties held business negotiations in the conference room. We introduced our company's development history, research and development results, and future development blueprint to customers. During the negotiation, the two parties conducted in-depth discussions on the details of cooperation and reached a preliminary cooperation intention. Finally, the two parties signed an order agreement, taking a solid step towards cooperation between IDEA and the Burundi market.

Profound meaning

This customer visit is not only an important part of IDEA's internationalization strategy,but also a reflection of the company's active expansion into the international market. Through this in-depth exchange and cooperation, IDEA has further consolidated its cooperative relationship with customers in Burundi and laid a solid foundation for future international development.

IDEA will continue to uphold the concept of open cooperation and work hand in hand with customers from various countries to jointly explore broader market areas. We believe that under the background of globalization, Idea Bottle will be able to achieve more brilliant achievements in the international market with its high-quality products and services.

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