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High Quality Cocktail Glass

Min. Order: 5000
Lead Time:
Quantity (pieces) Est. Time (days)
5000-10000 7
10000-50000 20
>50000 To be negotiated
Sample: Free
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Place of Origin: Anhui, China
Use: Whiskey , Cocktail , Brandy
Material: Glass
Logistics Mode: Express, Sea freight, Land freight, Air freight
Sea Port: Shanghai/Lianyungang
Supply Ability: 200000 Piece/Pieces per Day
Packing: Pallet or Carton Packaging
Size: 15X15X10cm
Gross Weight: 1kg
Logo: Accept

High Quality Cocktail Glass

Design features of the cocktail glassinclude its small capacity and tubular body,typically holding 1 ounce (approximately 30 ml),making it ideal for tasting colorful liqueurs and some cocktails. Due to their compact size,capacity can highlight the aroma and taste of wine and are often used for tasting hard liquors such as vodka,tequila,and rum.


  • Excellent gloss and transparency:Made of high-quality crystal material,the wine glass is clear and transparent,with bright luster,which can perfectly display the color and luster of the wine and enhance the wine tasting experience.
  • Elegant design:The wine glass has smooth lines and elegant design. Whether it is for personal use or as a gift,it can show its noble and elegant temperament and enhance the sense of ritual and dignity when tasting wine.
  • Good thermal insulation performance:The crystal material has good thermal insulation performance and can better maintain the temperature of the wine,allowing wine tasters to fully experience the taste and flavor of the wine.
  • Strong durability:This crystal liqueur glass is carefully crafted,has a solid structure and is highly durable. It can be used for a long time without being easily damaged,and has a high cost performance.
  • Improve the wine tasting experience:Using this crystal liqueur glass for wine tasting,you can not only better appreciate the color and luster of the wine,but also better feel the taste and flavor of the wine,improving the wine tasting experience.
  • Easy to clean and maintain:The material of the wine glass makes it easy to clean and keep it clean and transparent. At the same time,proper maintenance can extend its service life,allowing you to spend more wonderful wine tasting times with this wine glass.


  • Clean your liquor glasses:Make sure your wine glasses are clean and free of blemishes before use. You can gently wipe the wine glass with warm water and a soft cloth to remove dust and fingerprints and keep the wine glass clear and transparent.
  • Pour:Gently tilt the glass and slowly pour the liqueur into the glass. Note that the amount of wine poured should be moderate,generally no more than two-thirds of the capacity of the wine glass,so that there is enough space to observe the color and aroma of the wine.
  • Smell:Put the wine glass close to your nose and gently smell the aroma of the wine. The rim design of the crystal liqueur glass helps gather aromas and allows you to better feel the aroma of the wine.
  • Tasting:Gently touch the rim of the glass with your lips and taste the wine in small sips. Feel the taste,texture and aftertaste of the wine in your mouth. .

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