Glass candle holder use guide: Safe, beautiful, to create a warm home essential!

4 June, 2024

Precautions for using glass candlesticks

Glass candle holder decoration brings warmth and romance into our living spaces while at the same time conveying cultural heritage and craft aesthetics. However, when using such candlesticks we must pay special attention to their safety in order to extend their service lives; please see the following points as considerations when using them:

1. Select an Appropriate Candle

Its When selecting a glass candle holder, be sure to select a candle that complements its size. Otherwise, the holder could overheat and even break; too large of a candle could overpower its size while too small may cause instability with its flame and pose potential danger. It is also advised to select smokeless and flavorless candles to reduce indoor air pollution.

2. Pay Attention to Placement

Glass candle holders should be placed on a stable and fireproof table to avoid proximity with flammable objects or poorly ventilated spaces. Furthermore, their bottom should provide ample heat dissipation space in order to avoid heat accumulation.

3. Avoid prolonged burning

Though glass candle holders provide greater heat resistance, it still may become overheated after long use. Therefore, we advise using no more than four hours at one time, with regular checks of their temperature to ensure safety.

4. Keep an eye out for any sudden temperature shifts

As glass candlesticks can break with sudden temperature shifts, they should not be placed in an environment with wide temperature differentials such as direct sunlight exposure or near heat sources such as radiators.

When searching for a glass candle holder, we advise considering IDEA products made of high-grade  glass with exquisite designs and craftsmanship. Not only are our candlesticks heat resistant but they also incorporate modern aesthetic elements for added warmth in your home space. Furthermore, IDEA offers various styles and sizes so we can work together in adding beautiful romance into your life!

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