Turning trash into treasure: a simple tutorial to turn unused glass jars into cozy candle holders

11 June, 2024

A simple tutorial to turn an unused glass jar into a warm candle holder

Cleanup time at home often reveals unneeded glass jars or glasses that were once food containers or decorations for festivals, only now they lie dormant in corners. Instead of leaving these unneeded products sitting idle in corners, why not turn them into treasures by turning them into unique glass candlesticks that bring warmth and romance into our homes. Below I share steps on how you can turn these products into useful home decorations?

Step 1: Choose the right glass products

To get started, find suitable jars or glasses among those sitting idle in your home that could serve as candlesticks and make sure they're undamaged or cracked; transparent products tend to show candlelight better and help create an intimate ambience.

Step 2: Clean the glass products

To remove dirt and residue from their surfaces, select glass products should be washed in warm water with detergent to clean them off properly and make sure that there are no watermarks present so future work will run more smoothly.

Step 3: Construct a Base

If the bottom of the glass isn't stable enough, creating a simple base is one way to improve it. Use cardboard, wood or any other reliable materials to cut a circular or square base that corresponds with the size of its bottom edge and secure it to it using super glue or hot melt glue.

Step 4: Decorate Your Candlestick

Now is the time to begin decorating your glass candlestick! Choose between using colored sand, pebbles, shells or any small objects such as ribbons to embellish its bottom or decorate its neck or top for a personalized style that you like. Incorporating materials like ribbons hemp ropes or lace as decorations makes your candlestick even more stunning and beautiful!

Step 5: Add Candles

To complete your glass candlestick display, it is time to add candles. Select an ideal sized candle that can fit securely within its setting - or if you prefer, opt for one with pleasant fragrance when burning!

Now, you have successfully transformed an old glass jar or cup into an eye-catching candlestick! Light the candles in them at nighttime to create a romantic and warm ambiance!

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