Shocked! ! It turns out that these are the real reasons that affect the price of glass bottles!

24 June, 2024

What factors affect the price of glass bottles?

Glass bottle material

The cost of production is the main factor that determines the price. According to their material,glass bottles are divided into three categories:super flint,high-white,and plain-white. The best glass is super flint,and it also has the highest price. The super flint has a high refractive index and excellent transparency,so your spirits will be better displayed. The price of a glass bottle is also determined by the final decoration. Spray,frosting and labeling are all different prices.

Glass bottles have different quality standards.

The product quality standards of different manufacturers are different,including refractive indexes,internal stresses,shock resistance,and other indicators. If the standards are different,then it will affect the quality of glass produced. Huisheng packaging is known for its high-quality and high-standard products.

Minimum Order Quantity

The minimum order quantity is closely linked to the production of glass bottles and also plays a major role in determining price. If the quantity (more than 100,000) is high,the price will be relatively low. The lower the quantity,then the higher the cost for freight,customs fees,etc.

Prices are affected by the low and high seasons.

There is a wide gap between the quality and comprehensive level of technical equipment,software,hardware,and other manufacturers. Glass bottles are produced with different equipment,and their quality and performance will vary. We must consider the production equipment and the strength of the manufacturer when purchasing.

Integrating the above,what should we pay attention to when choosing spirits glass bottles?

  • Choose the right liquor bottle material and decoration.
  • Choose the manufacturer and supplier of glass bottles carefully. A good glass bottle manufacturer will have a strict quality control process and you will have a great buying experience. Some irresponsible glass bottle manufacturers will have a lot of product quality problems.
  • IDEA factory has introduced system control three-drop and four-drop production line technology for bottles and cans, small-mouth pressure blowing technology, lightweight technology, etc. Adopting advanced kiln automatic control system and product automatic detection system, electric heating and gas heating automatic control technology for the forehearth, and hot and cold end spraying technology, it can produce fine high white, high white, plain white, emerald green, brown and other material color products. It can produce bottles, jars and glass products with a weight of 25-1000g, without restrictions on shape or quantity.
  • IDEA has many years of experience in glass bottle manufacturing, strict quality control and after-sales service, we hope to be your best supplier.

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