Easily get rid of label troubles and reveal the secrets of removing labels from glass products

18 June, 2024

Uncover the secrets of glass product label removal skills

Have you experienced this kind of difficulty when buying glass products home that come adorned with labels that are difficult to remove, leaving their appearance diminished while making cleaning more cumbersome? I am going to provide you with some simple yet effective strategies that can help easily unstick those labels and restore them back to brand new condition!

Tip 1: Hot Air Blowing with a Hair Dryer

This method is straightforward and straightforward, all it requires is a hair dryer set on hot air mode to soften any glue backing labels on their backsides and blow on them for several minutes to loosen them up, before using fingers or blade to pick up edge of label, pull gently up on edge and peel back until ready to tear off label easily - being cautious to not burn your fingertips in this process!

Tip 2: Cooking Oil Smearing Method

If a hair dryer is unavailable, another effective alternative for label removal would be cooking oil. Apply a thin layer of cooking oil directly on the label, wait several minutes to let it penetrate the glue, wipe off with paper towel or cloth, and you will find that label is easily removable. Rinse off with clean water afterwards to restore glass products back to their bright and clean state.

Tip 3: Alcohol Wiping Method

For stubborn labels, alcohol can provide an invaluable aid. Apply medical alcohol with cotton balls or paper towels and gently rub against the surface of the label using medical alcohol until its glue dissolves, making the label easy to pull off. However, be wary of overexposure to alcohol vapor during this process to prevent inhalation.

Tip 4: Professional Cleaners

If none of the methods above work, you could consider professional cleaners. There are various label removal products on the market which can quickly dissolve glue and make labels fall off more easily; just follow your manual's instructions when using.

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