Shocked! ! It turns out there is such a little secret on the beer cap!

17 June, 2024

Why There Are 21 Serrations on Every Beer Bottle Cap?

How do you typically remove the caps of beer bottles when drinking them, such as using a bottle opener, pulling hard or biting down with your mouth? No matter your method for opening bottles of beer, what matters today is that 21 serrations appear on every cap of bottle of beer - why is this happening?

Well, in the early 20th century there were various kinds of serrations on beer bottle caps including 23, 24 sawteeth etc. However, later it was found that bottle caps with 24 serrations were difficult to open and could potentially damage bottle mouths.

In order to enhance sealing and ease of use of bottle caps, those featuring 21 serrations were determined as the easiest and safest to open. Their design combines high occlusion with adequate safety; increasing contact area between folds on cap while increasing friction to maintain firm seal. Plus they're ergonomic - not scratching fingers when opened!

This design has become widely adopted among various beer producers and has now become the standard cap for beer bottles across the market. No matter where you travel in the world, beer bottles almost always contain 21 serrations on their cap - you can count them next time you drink beer to discover its truth!

Though serrated beer bottle caps can sometimes be tricky to open, depending on their material it should generally be possible. As previously stated, caps with 21 serrations provide secure gripping. High quality materials like thick metal are best at withstanding even extreme conditions without spilling its content unexpectedly.

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